We know its very stressful ! You definitely know what looks good on you but when you are thinking too much about your headshot session then your clothing can stress you out so much !! In a way its hard but in another way it’s actually very simple !

3 Basic Factors That What to Wear For a Professional Headshots

1. Color and Patterns
2. Style and Fit
3. Accessories

Color and Pattern

You know it very well which color suits you best, and you must have your favorite color. But when going for a headshot it is important to keep in mind that a light color might not be so useful.

Try to wear darker or brighter color.If you wear a light color, say light pink or light yellow or even a plain white – remember to wear a darker jacket or blazer on top of it. It’s just to make sure that your cloth does not become the brightest part of the image.

What you are planning to wear must be well fitted – not too tight or not too loose. We want you to look comfortable in what you are wearing and that will only show when you are feeling comfortable.

Why do we recommend wearing colors you love is that – you’ll be most comfortable in those colors.

We really do not suggest wearing something that is not ironed. It’s always a good idea to have variations of the color that you like. Say you link red, then you can bring light red and dark red.

Rich and Deep Colors

LIght and pale colors could overexpose the camera and drag attraction from you to your dress.

What if you want to wear a really pale color anyway?

Wear a jacket or other darker layer over the pale color.

A bright yellow might overexpose whereas a darker, forest green would look great because the amount of light that reflects from it is less.

Your Wardrobe Represents You

You should keep in mind that the style of clothing you wear can say certain things about you.
To project professionalism, formal clothing works best.

If you’re looking to give off a casual vibe, feel free to dress it down. Just because you’re doing a headshot doesn’t mean you need to dress super fancy!

For actors, keep in mind that you want to capture your brand in your headshot, so make sure what you’re wearing supports that.

For submitting to commercial auditions, you might want something more casual and colorful. And for legit auditions, you’ll probably want something more reserved.


Avoid shirts or tops with patters. Most often they are very eye catchy and takes away the focus from your face.

So It’s good to wear a plain color that supplements your face. Not all patterns are bad, if you really want to keep a pattern then wear one with straight lines.

But stay away from Keep away from plaid, big checks, and any really small patterns such as tiny stripes or checks.

Logo or Trademark

Unless you are an employee of a certain clothing line or its a company photoshoot don not wear something with the logo.


For Women Headshot Style

What lays so nicey for woman ? Crew, boat or narrow v-necks are always great. We want to be sure we can see your top after the image is cropped. Standup collars don’t always help us in the photo shoot or afterwards in the post it’s a hassle. I suggest women avoid them. If you typically wear a jacket to work, bring a couple of jacket choices, but you do not need to wear a jacket to look professional.

For Men Headshot Style

Men, if you’re going business casual without a tie bring a couple of sport coats. A sport coat without a tie is an intentional wardrobe choice. But if you wear a suit coat without a tie, it gives the impression that you are dressing “down.” Button-down collars rarely lay nicely in a photo. AVOID button down collars, unless it’s an intentional style choice for you.

Wearing Glasses

If you normally wear glasses it is ideal to wear it in the photo. But here is the thing – Your glasses if it doesn’t have anti-reflective (AR) coating then its better to have one, or borrow or buy a glass with the coating. These play a vital role in the headshot while shooting and also in post-production.

Accessories For Professional Headshots Photography

This part if mostly for women. I’d go with “Less is more”. Keep jewelry to a minimum A few jewelry tips:

professional headshots Nyc
• Stud earrings are best—simple pearls, diamonds or other gemstones.
• Hoops and dangling earrings can interfere with your hair and get lost in your portrait.
• If you have jewelry that has special meaning for you, by all means bring it along. But in the end, we want all of the attention on your face not your clothes and jewelry.
• Big jewelry draws attention away from you, and your portrait should be all about you.
• If your signature brand is big jewelry, however, bring it along, and we’ll choose the best options for your headshot.