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Payments through online booking are done through all sort of credit or debit cards. For walk in or due payments we accept all sorts of payments ranging from Cash, Credit Card, Check, Venmo and Zelle.

Yes, every session is subject to put down 50% deposit money of the package (Excluding Makeup artist fee). It is refundable until the 48 hour time frame is reached.
Generally, you want to book 1-2 weeks in advance. But we will launch walk-in options very soon.
Not preferred, but in case there is an issue, yes. Please call for that.
You can always contact us directly if you have any questions of this sort.
Yes. You get a booking confirmation and then two reminders leading up to the shoot with session and parking details.


Yes, corporations need to have a proper and clear contract mentioning about the payment clearing time, exact number of people to be photographed, time frame of the whole session.
Yes definitely. We can travel there.


Yes, but not more than once.
Yes. Please bring all of your necessary supplies.
You can take a jacket on and off, but limit that to one look only. You cannot layer on and take off in each look.
To be frank any color is fine. But if I have to say I’d say plain color (possibly darker) looks better in headshot. Your clothes should fit , clean and ironed.
You can take glasses on and off. If you have lenses make sure they are anti-glare, or pop the lenses out.
Yes, you can do tie on and off.


Yes you can bring your own makeup artist.
No. However, if you love a lip color or have any allergies, please bring what you need.
If you booked full hair, she will completely handle it. If not, you will handle your own hair and we will make sure it is camera ready.
Not too early. Being 5-10 minutes early is ideal.
Makeup artist accepts cash, check, Venmo or Zelle.


Business: See the package detail for this information. Check Packages

Actors: See the package detail for this information. Check Packages

However, we don’t limit your time. We’ll shoot as much as it takes to get excellent images. Easy !!

You don’t get images right away. After the photo session you will get to chose the photos from the gallery you want for the final processing and retouching – no rush at this !! This number depends on which package you chose. See the package detail for this information.  Check Packages

No, no unprocessed photo will be given to you.
Better to always be 5 minutes early. No need to come 15-20 minutes early. However, if you are late it will cut into your time. I never like to rush through sessions because a client is late.
Not ideally. Chances are I am shooting another session or busy with another project. Arrive at your appointment time and we will have plenty of time to discuss everything. But just give me a call 3 hours prior to know if I will be free later for this conversation.
Yes, outside of 48 hours.
Yes, if you cancel within 48 hours without rescheduling.
After the photo session you will get to chose the photos you want for the final processing and retouching – no rush at this !! The number depends on which package you chose. Usually it takes 5-7 days for the final delivery.
If you need same-day or rush service, we can make it happen. Rush charges of $75/photo will be apply. Print orders can take up to 7 days to be delivered from the lab.
Yes, as mentioned earlier If you need same-day or rush service, we can make it happen. Rush charges of $75/photo will be apply.


Yes, just for the final set of deliverable images. No unretouched photo will be provided. As mentioned in the package detail section other than the retouched images photos will be delivered in high resolution but at least some general retouching will be done as a whole.
Yes, we send you proofs for your approval. You can give us notes and we can make the appropriate changes. We will then send another round for approval. It is a process until final approval.


Yes definitely.. you can post to all social media platforms, websites and casting sites but with credits and tags.

Please credit ​Manhattan Headshot​. For Instagram please tag @manhattanheadshot and @aliprehan_photo
For facebook please tag @manhattanheadshot
We will do the same if I post a picture of you. Just don’t forget to leave your details.


We are now delivering all digital images via download from our website. Images are saved to a ZIP archive for easy download. If you need delivery to a mobile device or cloud storage (Dropbox, etc.), please let us know at your session.
DVDs are available for an additional charge of $25.
The high resolution images we deliver can be printed at any photo lab or on any quality desktop printer. We advise you to go to a photo lab to get the best quality and color reproduction. Stores like Precision Camera, Costco, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc. all have good photo print services – with 8x10s costing only around $2-$3 each.


  • Bring a Friend: if you and another person book consecutive sessions you each
    get 20% off both session fees
  • Returning clients always gets 25% off your session fee
  • Discounts do not apply to makeup artists.

There are many different options for how we can run the photo day, depending on your staff’s needs and schedules. You can schedule each person into short time slots, or groups of 5 to 10 people in larger time blocks if that’s easier. Some small groups with flexible schedules can even drop in at their leisure as we finish the person before them. Afterward, your office will receive all of the photos taken (which averages from about 10-15 per person), but there are several options for choosing each person’s final photo. Your office can choose each person’s photo for them or distribute them internally for choosing if you prefer, or we can choose the best shot for each person and place those in a separate folder when they’re delivered.

The more open space you have, the better, but we can squeeze into just about any space that’s at least 8-10 feet wide by 12 feet long.